Saturday, November 13, 2010


We are enjoying a lovely rainy weekend - this is so typical of MELBOURNE, yesterday it was windy and 32 humid degrees: today is still, rainy and 17 degrees.

I decided to pick some flowers for the house.  I rarely pick flowers but they wont survive well in this weather so we might as well enjoy them inside.

The vase is on my kitchen bench and you can see that the weather obscures much of the view.

The final photo is taken just in front of that window.  Not much to see really but I love the feeling of being enclosed by the weather.


 It is the beginning of the cherry season here.  Something I do look forward to each year.  We can buy cherries from the USA sometimes but the cherries here seem to mark the beginning of summer festivities.  They are always expensive but I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the $29.95 per kilo price.

The lady at the check out commented that she weighed ONE 
CHERRY this morning.  It turned out to be valued at 42cents.  Yes, that is 42 cents for 1 cherry.  I guess I shall have to wait.


Linda said...

Dian, the flowers look so lovely. I love rainy days too actually, nothing better than stitching and knowing you don't have to go outside. I reached for some nectarines today, until I looked up and saw the price. My hand retreated rather quickly. I'll have to wait a little longer, hoping they go down in price. I purchased lovely seedless white grapes today from the US. A fellow shopper seemed to grumble that we were buying overseas grapes, but I reminded her that we hope to sell our goods overseas too. What goes around comes around surely. And, as the world gets smaller, why can't we help the economy of another country.........LOL........

Jensters said...

We have plenty of that RAIN stuff are my favourite but my what a price to pay, cant believe it!!!

Hoping my parcel might come today Dianne xx

Anonymous said...

gee those cherries are expensive.our haven't come in yet.Can't wait.Yes when they arrive, it certainly does feel like Christmas.