Monday, November 29, 2010

The Visit continued

 We are still on holidays and are back in Tweed Heads in norther New South Wales now.  
I have taken more photos than I can manage at present but I will include some each day if I think they are interesting enough.  
The plant featured here is a frangipani, a very popular plant in the places we visited.  Anyway I wonder if anyone can see the frog in this pic.   

I don't know the name of this plant but perhaps Laurel will let us know.  It is a really pretty little plant with gorgeous shades of blue.

The house and the formal garden are surrounded by tall eaucalypts and they form a truly Australian backdrop.  They also provide shelter to many birds and animals and tiny wildflowers.

Laurel & Neal have put in many hours of work building up the poor soil and creating wonderful areas of plantings.
I can tell that this is a labour of love and that although it is beautiful now, there is plenty more planned for the future.
The house is also a delight to see.  The verandas provide shelter from the heat and the interior is very inviting with lots of Laurel's needlework on display.
Sadly by the time I went inside my camera decided not to co-0perate so i can only show a couple of examples of her work.  I am sure you will agree it is beautiful.

Later I will share some more photos of our trip to Noosaville which is a little further north on the Sunshine coast of Queensland.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are having a LOVELY time on hols!! good on you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dianne,

Thanks for all your kind comments about our garden. The shrub with the blue flower is a clerodendrum ugandense (butterfly bush). I hope the rest of your holiday is relaxing for you.


Linda said...

Lovely photos again Dian. I can see the frog, and I do so love the Blue Butterfly Bush. It has long been a favourite of mine, well anything with blue flowers!! Thank you for taking time out of your holiday schedule to share such inviting scenes. I am sure Laurel's home and garden are a wonderful sight. Safe home.

Juliettecherry said...

What a lovely garden Laurel has, lots of effort and planning have gone into it clearly.

Thankyou for showing us some of her beautiful embroidery and lace knitting. I always enjoy looking at such lovely creations.