Wednesday, December 1, 2010


While I was away I managed to fit in quite a few hours of stitching. 
We were travelling light so I just took some of santa's costume, a few threads and needles.

I finished adding the leaves but still have a few crystals to apply on the border of the skirt.

The bodice is to be decorated with some native flora.   On the back and over one shoulder is some yellow wattle.  One sleeve has some daisies and the front and another sleeve features gum blossom.  
I am hoping to finish this project by Monday. There are still quite a few details to be taken care of but I am fairly confident it will look ok when I finish.  I am especially pleased with the hands.  They look really "human" in expression and colour.

The perfume from this gorgeous gardenia filled the humid air after a short rain shower.  It is so creamy and perfect.   It is in the garden of the house we stayed at in Noosaville.


Anonymous said...

Gardenia perfume is heavenly. Hope you had a lovely time.

Jensters said...

Wow Dianne your Santa is coming along lovely...wish i could make things like this!! wish i could smell that flower from here, with all this snow around at the moment.

Linda said...

Dian, the gardenia is so beautiful, such a gorgeous perfume. I think your Santa is going to be one beautifully decked out dude!! You are certainly putting a lot of work into him, but I know you like Christmas themed decorations, and I'm sure he'll be taken out each year and enjoyed by all who visit during the holidays. I absolutely adore the colour of his clothing.

Anonymous said...

oh what heavenly things you make. i am just getting involved in needlework and envy your creations. as to the superb.the perfume is like nothing else, I have several plants in my garden. it appears most "garden" people ar into craft as well. i enjoy your skill and sharing

DIAN said...

Thanks to everyone who comments on my blog. I am enjoying the Santa creation and although I have moments of doubt about the whole thing I have to keep going till he is complete.