Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Last minute projects

I have been busy making little note book covers as last minute gifts.  I found a tutorial the other day  
and have been inspired to make a few in my own way.  I will post some pics in a day or to.

I hope the link works.

Christmas is almost here and I am having trouble capturing the mood.  The weather here has been cold and not at all the sort of thing we look forward to for the holidays.  This country is so vast and the range of weather is amazing.  Floods up in the southern parts of Queensland and in parts of Western Australia.  The Snowy Mountains in NSW have Snow!!!! even though it is summer.

Today is the summer solstice (longest day) - I must go outside and have a look as I believe there is a lunar exclipse tonight. 


dosfishes said...

Your link works fine. Sweet little tutorial. Weird weather everywhere in the world. Normal snow and cold for us, just a little, enough to make it pretty
and fill my feeders with birds to watch. Enjoy the longest day while we
experience the shortest one. Happy Christmas. xox Corrine

Jensters said...

Nice little tutorial Dianne, i didnt get to see the solstice too much cloud but did see it on tv!! hope you got to see it tho x

Linda said...

Will check out the tutorial after the Christmas rush Dian. It is weird weather. I've just told someone I hoped it didn't rain and spoil their family gathering..........oh dear, that isn't normal now is it??? Sorry to hear you are cold. It was chilly here yesterday, but feels a tad on the humid side again, more rain!! Flood waters are getting closer to us, in fact could hinder our Christmas plans.........that will be a first!!! Roads closed in lots of places.