Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wednesday evening

Last evening we missed the lunar eclipse.  It was too cloudy.  

At has been a beautiful day today so we decided to take a drive to Canadian Bay beach.

We picked up some fish'n'chips on the way and had a picnic, which was so lovely.

The sea was so peaceful and the sun was shining.

I took all of these photos into the sun and of course couldn't see a thing so it is such a surprise that they turned out so well.

We have had lots of rain lately: I was surprised to see
the obvious erosion on the cliffs by the walkway to the beach. 

The local council has been doing a lot of remedial planting to try to preserve the cliffs but mother nature always seems to win.

I hope to post some pics of needlework tomorrow.  In the meantime I hope you like these pics.


michelle said...

The pictures are just wonderful ! what i wouldn't give to be walking along that beach instead of trekking in the freezing cold in the snow brrrr !! Have a wonderful christmas !!

Linda said...

My goodness Dian, isn't the water calm!! These photos are lovely. The erosion from non-stop rain is starting to cause concern in some coastal areas here too. Lovely shots.