Thursday, December 23, 2010


I have made these little book covers as last minute gifts.

They are quick & easy to make and use small scraps of fabric.

This is a phone pouch with two sections: one for the phone the other for glasses or note book.

This is the back of the phone pouch: the fabric is designed by an aboriginal artist.  I have several pieces of this type of fabric and it is great for this type of project.

The back of one of the notebooks.

This is a larger version and covers a sketch book.  I dyed the fabric and the doiley myself:  I quite like the earthy colours.


artymess said...

these are lovely what a lucky person to get this as a gift .......xx

Radka said...

Happy Christmas, Dian!

Linda said...

What gorgeous fabrics Dian. Love them. I too love the piece you dyed. Great last minute gifts. I'm on a mission to finish something this afternoon.............. Cheers, and happy days to all.