Thursday, December 16, 2010


 This is my December needlebook.  It was very much a fun project.  I was given some scaps of fabric & ribbon by a fellow embroiderer: her project wasn't working out so out came the stitches.   I cannot waste such bits and pieces so they were added to my stash of similar scaps.

 I decided to create some fabric using my felting/embellishing machine.  I started with the scraps and ribbons and added some other fabrics and fibres.  Having done that I fused some more scraps and some chiffon from an old scarf to the base fabric: after that I applied the heat gun and then fused some tulle on top.  To break up the "neat" look I took to it with the soldering iron, just opening up a few areas to show 

 the original colours.  I also added a bit of gold foil to lighten it up . Then I stitched some green braid on each end:  I was going to line the inside but I realised the "wrong side" of the fabric looked really cool so I did some free machine stitching through the whole lot and 
then stitched in some felt
and here it is - my final needlecase for the year.

Oh I also stitched some soft braid trim to the upper and lower edge and then painted some liumiere metallic paint to seal it. 

It looks a bit dodgy but it actully feels really nice to use.  


Jensters said...

How wonderful Dianne, i have promised myself that in the new year im to make myself a needlecase as yours and Linda's are so beautiful and i really need one xx

DIAN said...

Thanks Jen, Linda and I were just saying the other day that it is interesting to see that we create such different styles but both enjoy the journey.

Linda said...

Hi Dian, pleased to know you got your last needlecase done. I think it's great. Love the colours, and honestly, foil is my most used product, just love the stuff. If something needs a little lift, out comes the foil. Thank you so much for sharing my needlecase adventure, it's been fun to see how we have both approached and reached our goals. It's been daunting at times, but I'm not sorry I set myself the challenge, except I have all these needlecases!!!!!!!!! [der]

dosfishes said...

Love the colors in your needle book. They are so practical. Mine are always a jumble, probably because I don't stitch as much as I should. Thanks for sharing, you have inspired me to come up with one of my own. xox Corrine

Jensters said...

Your welcome, Dianne would you be able to send me your address, my email is x