Tuesday, December 28, 2010


The Christmas socialising continues:  today we visited some friends who recently moved onto a small rural property.

They have a lovely home on about four & a half acres:  Arawata is about one and a half hour's drive east of our home - in East Gippsland. 

The country-side is beautiful, with rolling hills, lush grass and cattle grazing.

It is an area that produces quite a lot of milk and associated dairy products.

Our friends have a couple of chickens and also allow their neighbours the use of the paddocks for grazing.  The gardens around the house are lovely, featuring kangaroo paws, and lots of other shrubs.

This is one area of Australia which has not suffered from the recent drought or the current floods.  

So many lovely places to visit:  I hope you enjoy these pics.


Julie said...

What a lovely place

Radka said...

Wow, is that you, Dian? Love the new look! Did you get a new camera from Santa?

Jensters said...

Oh Dianne i love looking at the photos you take as its far away from England i may never visit.

DIAN said...

Thanks Radka, my dear husband offered me a new camera but I wanted to wait until after the busy Christmas period to make a sensible choice.

Linda said...

Dian, what a beautiful place your friends have, thanks for sharing it with us. Such lovely rolling hills, so different to our flat country here. I love the Kangaroo Paws at the moment.

BTW, I just adore your new look blog, it's absolutely stunning. The flower photo colours stand out so well on this dark background, just love it.

Hope all is well. We are high of course, but can see the river from the sand hill, ie more and more water, less and less land!!!

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Dian, Your photos are very lovely. I especially like your flora and landscape ones. Beautiful. I also loved the cling wrap effect to your photo. I will have to learn how to do this. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos with us. Hugs Judy