Thursday, December 30, 2010

Endings & Beginnings

 As the year draws to a close and the new one awaits it seems like a good time to review past achievements (or not).  
Some of you will know that I resolved at the beginning of the year to use my stash instead of buying more "stuff".
I was surprised to find that it wasn't too difficult: the stash is substantial!!  

Of course by the middle of the year I "needed" to buy a new machine: the pfaff embellishing machine that I had coveted for some time was very well priced and had to come home with me.  Besides that I bought some stabiliser and other necessities to finish projects, some doiley's from the charity shops and some fleece and some fabric dyes on line.

I intend to continue along this way until the stash is less overwhelming.  

You can see one of the doileys in the first pic, it was badly stained so I dyed it for a future project.  In the second pic I have attached a piece of embroidery I did several years ago to a table mat that went into the dye batch:  this is a work in progress which I shall show when it is finished.
The last pic is of some felt I made today with some merino & silk tops: it has a lovely sheen and feels really soft.   I don't  know what I will do with it yet - maybe a scarf or the base for something else all together.

I am very aware of the wastefulness of our society (yes me too) so am hoping to do a lot more recycling in my textile work in the coming year.  There is so much fabric out there in the charity shops to choose from and quite often embroidery threads, buttons, zips etc as well.  

In the meantime I should just leave this computer and do the dishes. 

Before I finish I would like to recommend two blogs that I really enjoy.

take a look when you have time.


dosfishes said...

Thanks for the mention, how sweet! Yes de-stash is a great theme - I am trying too, but there is always some little embellishment that catches your eye, isn't there. Sometimes just going through your stash and you find
things you totally forgot about. Your felt is quite wonderful, a skill I don't possess, please show us more! Forget the dishes, keep felting. xox Corrine

Juliettecherry said...

Hi Dianne

You have done very well to work on reducing your stash this year. I applaud it and tried to do something of the same too. I think it's OK to get what you need to complete projects that use up stash. Don't think I did as well as you with reducing mine.

Charity (Op) shops are a good idea. We always feel good when we can find a bargain.

When I next visit in mid March, maybe we can go Op-shopping together?

Jensters said...

Nice to catch up with some of your journey going on's the embroidery and felt x will check out these blogs too.

DIAN said...

Op shopping in March sounds great. Looking forward to seeing you again.

Linda said...

Lovely pieces Dian, and yes, you made a great effort throughout the year. Sadly, I did not do as well as you. I will continue to keep with the stash reduction, as I firmly believe you are quite right, we do have so much and should just use it!!! I love the embroidery, and can't wait to see what's happening with the felting. Cheers.