Wednesday, November 10, 2010

stitching again

I have been working on my pleated piece of silk,which I think I have shown you before.  Anyway, I am using this as an excuse to try lots of different things.
This will be another needlebook of course.  The inside lining is a piece of fabric that I dyed earlier in the year.  The colour is a bit cloying but it looks good with pink so now I can include some very pink pieces of fabric and lace.  I managed to pick up some green felt in one of my favourite op shops and it is ideal to accomodate the needles.
On the inside of the back cover is a small square of fabric with hand made edging.  It was badly stained so I added it to a batch of dying.  It makes a perfect pocket to hold threads. 

On the front I added a piece 
of lace that had been on a very fine linen handkerchief which I used until it fell apart.  The lace was still lovely though into the dye it went and came out so soft and pretty that I had to use it somewhere special.

 On the inside I made this little pocket for the scissors: I had some tiny round doylies, one of them in a net and the other crochet.  Once they were folded together they looked so pretty and delicate.  I am trying to decide whether to add the bow.

 Goodness I have rambled on a lot about this particular piece but I am enjoying it so much.  It is more feminine and delicate than the things I usually do and has given me a chance to use some of my more precious pieces of vintage lace.  


Jensters said...

Dianne how busy are you are the so into vintage and love lace....needlebook looking good...your have to take a peek at my attempt of a Cuff x

Linda said...

Hi Dian, it's great to see you having fun with this piece. You have incorporated some beautiful vintage pieces, and dyeing them has worked well. I love your free approach to the smocking, it's super. Green is one of my favourite colours. Are you sick of needlecases yet?????? I think I have had my fill............

DIAN said...

Thanks Jen & Linda, this is a project I am really enjoying. No I am not sick of needlebooks yet, they are giving me an opportunity to experiment.

Jen I took a look at that cuff and think it is gorgeous. What have you used for a clasp.