Sunday, November 7, 2010

Good weather for gardening

This time of year in Melbourne is so lovely.  The weather is very changeable but there is a hint of summer in the air.  The roses are blooming and the border plants all put on a great show.

Yesterday we went to visit friends who live about 10 minutes away, by car.  They have quite a large block of land, about 3/4 acre I think.  Norma is a keen gardener and at 72 still spends many hours tending her beautiful garden. 
Her husband takes care of the pruning and the swimming pool and between them they keep there plants in good order.
Norma & I  spent some time looking at what was in bud and bloom and I took a few pics.  Among her favourites are her clematis and this one is such a pretty colour.  Of course roses feature as do the flowering trees such as the crab apple.  
In the vegetable garden the broad beans are ready to pick and the artichoke is looking magnificent.
We had fresh greens in the salad and fresh flowers on the dinner table.  Whenever I have visited these friends I come home with a renewed enthusiam for the garden.
We share a love of English drama and spend time chatting about the latest offerings on tv as well as bragging about our grandchildren.

This rose is a climber called Gold Bunney and covers a large part of the pool fence: in the background you can see the trunk of a very tall palm tree.  

I hope you have enjoyed this glimpse into Norma's beautiful garden.  I certainly enjoyed it.
The weather has been quite warm for the last couple of days and I am a bit sunburnt on my face and arms: I forgot to use sunscreen.  Tonight the weather is turning stormy and the thunder is rolling in: we won't have much rain though.

Poirot will be on the TV and I can do some stitching.  Have a great week everyone.


suziqu's thread works said...

Dian the roses are simply adorable. I love your fabric folder cover too. I will also be watching Poirot tonight! Love it!

Karyn said...

We spent the weekend gardening too, wasn't the weather simply magnificent? My roses aren't flowering yet but they are covered in buds, can't wait to see them come out.

Linda said...

Lovely photos again Dian. What a gorgeous garden Norma must have. The climbing rose is magnificent. I love yellow roses. I'm pleased you had such a pleasant weekend, as your weather has been hard to take at the moment. We are having some quite warm weather, storms around, some got under heavy falls, and didn't really want them. Harvest is stop/start. Hope you are feeling like doing some stitching again.