Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hot days and holidays

I am writing from Tweed Heads in Northern New South Wales tonight.  We are taking a short break and visiting Mike's dad.  The weather was really hot (30 degrees) when we left Melbourne and about 25 degrees when we arrived here.  It has the feeling of the tropics and the plants are so lush and bright.

There will be some time for some stitching and some op shopping while we are here.  Tweed Heads is very much a favourite spot for retirees and it is really relaxing.  The pace is much slower than in Melbourne which I find hard to adapt to. We will visit Coolangatta Beach tomorrow for a swim in the surf.  I do love the water.

I will take some pics tomorrow for those who are interested to see a little of the area.

It is more than two years since we were in this part of the country and flying seems to have changed a lot as well.  Of course fares are lower but I hate having to pay for extras.  Checked baggage costs $10; you pay for food and if you want to listen to the radio or watch something on the little screen you pay for that as well.  Too many decisions for my liking.  You can also book your seat and print your boarding pass from home.  The last option was to   " Offset Carbon" whatever that means.  oh dear I do sound old and grumpy.

I must check the web and see if there are any needlework places nearby:  I am sure there will be something I need.


Radka said...

Enjoy your break, Dian. It sound that the "pace" would be just up my street! I am sure you will bring some goodies home:))

Anonymous said...

Hope you find some lovely interesting places to visit Dian.Love to see the shots when you post them.I am Itching to be going on a hol!!!
We have been planning and thinking about Retirement for so long it feels Unreal at the moment.

Juliettecherry said...

Dianne, I hope you are enjoying your trip away and find some good op shops.

I have been catching up on your blog and my - you have been busy. I am impressed with the dyed lace, such beautiful colours.

I particularly like the effect of the two doilies together, they are so pretty.

Linda said...

Have a lovely time today Dian. We spent lots of time at Coolangatta when I was a child. It's lovely to know you are still 'with us' whilst away from base. I hope the rest of the trip is a success and I will be thinking about you on the weekend [harvest back on again!!]. Did you find some shops around the Coast? Larraines on Capri perhaps, or Room for Threads. They are around there somewhere, probably just waiting for you to walk through the door..........LOL.....

Anonymous said...

Not grumpy at all Dianne. Have a great break and I have enjoyed catching up with all your sewing etc. So much catching up to do! Nearly there.