Friday, November 12, 2010

How much is too much?

I have been thinking a lot about my work space lately.  I am very lucky to have a big room with lots of natural light at one end.  It has a sink and fridge and even a bathroom:  so I can loose myself down here for hours (if not days).  

Previously I have had lots of things around me.  Apart from the sewing machines and light box next to my computer & printer: all of which have to be out and at the ready, I also have lots of beads, threads, fabrics, magazines, books, shells and seed pods, etc etc etc on display.  In the past I have found all of these things helpful in providing ideas and inspiration, but lately I find it all a bit overwhelming.

I am gradually putting most things away in cupboards and only leave out things I "need".  Of course with Christmas on the way it is the season for clutter!!!!!  I wonder how others deal with their workspaces.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dian,
Having a tidy-up is good for the Soul!!Sorting stuff out gives you an idea of what you have.It's easy to forget. I know ALL about "clutter" I mean Good Stuff!!!I was a teacher for 100 years!!
If I had a fridge and bathroom in my studio, all I would need is my bed, and I would NEVER come out!!!!

Gee I wish I could come and play in your space!!

DIAN said...

Judy, I forgot to mention that there are 4 guest beds in this space!!!! Come and play anytime. You would be made most welcome.

Barbara said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog ... "Island Sweets" wool is so lovely ... I am looking forward to seeing her again soon!
I have enjoyed reading your blog this evening ... I am in temporary workspace right now so clutter is an understatement. It will all be done with soon so that I can move back in ... hopefully somewhat neatly.
I love the needlebooks!
Very best wishes,

Linda said...

Hi Dian, your workspace looks like heaven actually. I seem to have my things in several rooms, because I don't have 'enough' in one place. I don't think I'm one to dictate when enough is enough, I keep on buying more, another parcel arriving from The Thread Studio just this week............ I would love to visit your space, as I've had the very great pleasure of having your in my space.

Radka said...

I hope you know where your door key is!LOL