Friday, May 25, 2012

Bendigo - Grace Kelly

This morning we set off early to travel to Bendigo: three hours drive from here.  Bendigo is a beautiful city which was settled during the gold rush era.  There are beautiful old houses, elegant civic buildings and impressive churches as well as lovely gardens and lakes.  

 It was raining when we left home and continued to rain for the rest of the journey.   I had hoped to take lots of pics but it was just not the right day.  
I did however attend the Grace Kelly Exhibition.

The electricity is off at present so I have limited power on my computer.  I did take a few pics while standing in the rain and I will attempt to upload them. 


Anonymous said...

Looks a lovely spot Dianne, looking forward to more views when your power returns. Mine was out this morning too, tree fell in the night! xox

Anonymous said...

We were in Bendigo on the Saturday LOL and will be a few more times over the next two weeks. We seen the Grace exhibition just before the last lot of school holidays. Been to a few there now starting with the French Couture and the White Wedding one last year. Its a great place for a day trip.

Karyn said...

Was the exhibition good? I am dying to see it, and as it isn't terribly far for me I really have no excuse. i better make an effort before it closes.
bendigo is such a lovely town isn't it?

Linda said...

Sorry the weather was a bit miserable for your trip Dianne, but you still managed to take some interesting pics to share. At least you had a change of scenery. Pity about that power outage, they're a real pain in the butt. Take care.