Tuesday, May 29, 2012

fabulous peacock

Today's op shopping was a real success.

Look at this gorgeous peacock plate from Japan.  

 This little travel iron made its way into my bag.

                                          At only $4 it was a real bargain.  Will be good for ironing those little bits of lace etc.

As well as these goodies I managed to find a small electric beater for $5.00: the one I currently use was a wedding present many years ago.

There were other things that came home with me but I haven't photographed them as yet.

 Finally I couldn't resist a small collage of the colours and textures of Autumn.  It has been especially wet and we have many different kinds of fungi and toadstools in various parts of the garden.  The one in the centre picture is on a tree stump just outside our back door.  



Anonymous said...

Love your fungi pics Dianne.Old tree stumps make a great haven for fungi.I am coming Op Shopping with YOU!!great finds.
I am tidying up after getting a bit tired of flowers for the time being.i love tidying up and having a clean slate for the next day.

margaret said...

Your op shops are great, have seen some lovely bargains on yours and other blogs.
The fungi looks amazing, I am sure you will be getting inspired to stitch with pics like that.

Linda said...

Your Op Shop Hops are producing some wonderful bargains lately!! I seriously love that little iron. I am also very much in love with the collage of photographs, absolutely inspirational!! Thanks. Also thanks quickly for our chat.

Magnetic Island Artist Edward Blum. said...

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