Saturday, May 26, 2012

evelon leaf and soldering iron

At last I have finished my leaf: it has turned our much as I had planned which is unusual.

You can see from the pic on the left that I have burnt small holes in 3 places. 

The small soldering iron is ideal for cutting the evelon.

As you can see of what is left, the cutting is clean and there is no fraying.

This pic shows the leaf on a piece of machine made lace.

This pic shows a the back of the leaf and two of the holes are clear to see.

I intend to use this as part of a collage on a mirror.

The next step is to make some gum blossoms.



Anonymous said...

Looks so realistic too

Anonymous said...

What an interesting leaf Dian.What a great collage this will be.

Linda said...

Dian, you are making me quite envious. This leaf is gorgeous, and looks so at home on the 'lace'. It's so very realistic!!

Karyn said...

Wow Dianne, absolutely amazing! Looks fabulous.

margaret said...

a real beauty, have loved watching your progress, will now wait to see it incorporated into the mirror.