Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Using the embellisher

I am making quite good progress with this felted piece.

This is where my embellishing machine becomes really useful.  I am trying to build a really thick and textured background.

The initial work was done with a hand felting tool adding wool rovings to the grey/blue background and then some pieces of nylon/chiffon scarves.  I have left the rolled edges of the scarves on to give some extra interest.  
There is also some machine stitching and some couched yarn.

I have gone all over this with the embellishing machine to make it more secure and to create some more texture.
The tree trunk is black/green silk fibres (silk hanky) applied with the embellisher and I will build this up a bit more.
I used some spotted tulle to create the little white "flowers" in the foreground.



Anonymous said...

Looks good Dianne!

I really must put my embellishing machine back on a table, instead of on the floor.I'm not going to get much done if I don't>I have cleared my sewing room.Waiting for the MUSE to strike(or tap me gently on the shoulder).


Hello Dianne, Your wool felted piece is looking very lovely. I love all the colors in your project. I have not use my embellish much I need to get it out again. How big is your piece?? Nice artwork. hugs Judy

Anonymous said...

This is turning out to be so full of bright life and light, it really comes through. I would like to play with one of those embellishers some day. Looks like great fun. xox

Linda said...

Your felting is coming along beautifully Dian. The yellow in it makes it appear as though one is looking through something into the sun. I am in the same boat as the other ladies and really need to do more of this. It is lovely to see your work as inspiration. Hope the weather is okay. Cheers.