Friday, June 1, 2012

Walking in the rain

Wednesday was a cold and drizzly day so I dressed the little girls in their wet weather gear and we went for a walk along the beach path.  They would walk a few steps and then stop to look over the side of the wall.  Spending time with little ones like this really makes you stop and look at everything along the way.  They were fascinated by the movement of the water and at one stage there was a flock of cormorants fishing in the shallows.

A lovely way to spend a rainy morning.


Anonymous said...

I liker nothing better than walking in the rain with children.Such (seemingly) simple things are so enjoyable with children. I love how the whole world is "Magical" to them.
Boy, we all need a bit of that magic in our lives don't we.
Have a lovely weekend Dianne.

Anonymous said...

Oh the teddy bear backpacks are just so cute! Peering little people at the water's edge. xox

margaret said...

shame they grow up so quickly and lose their innocence isn`t it, can`t say I agree about being out in the rain though, find it gets right into my old bones!