Wednesday, June 20, 2012


 I have been rather busy lately so I don't have much to show or write about.

While I was minding the twins today I noticed how many of their toys came from the op shop.

The little ride-on toy cost just a couple of dollars as did the toy in the first pic.

The lovely doll pram was a really good find: at $12 it was a bit on the high side (for op shops) but the girls just love it and use it a lot.

Clothes, rain boots and hats all come from the op shop and go back when they are outgrown.

I find op shopping really relaxing and I like the idea of re-using or recycling as much as possible.

If you haven't tried it - give it a go.  It helps the charities who run the shops, it helps our budget and it helps the environment.



Linda said...

Actually, Dian, you are quite right!! You are finding useful goods for your purpose at this point in time, without the need to pay over the nose for them. They are in good condition and will be so when you are finished with them. I would love to have a scavenge through the St. Vinnies closest to us, but I've always got a 'companion', so that doesn't happen. I have managed the odd visit on occasion when a big day comes to town, and to be honest, I've enjoyed browsing and have come home with some interesting things myself. I am always interested in the things you pick up on your shopping days. Cheers.

Gina E. said...

Dian, we sell HEAPS of toys and children/baby clothes at our little opshop in Eltham. The kids toys are outside the door and I suspect it might be the manager's ploy to get the mothers inside the shop while they are waiting for their kids to finish looking at the toys!