Saturday, June 23, 2012

Art Doll

The weather is still pretty cold and wet so today I had a day of creativity.

First I sorted through my scraps and fibres I keep for felting and embellishing.

My friend Norma had asked me to make her a brooch:  the order was for a "doll" brooch, mainly red in colour and featuring a paint pallet.  So here it is.
It is not a good pic but you can see the little pallet.

I used my embellisher for most of this and luckily I had everything I needed in  my stash.

Winter is an ideal time to get on with special projects. 


margaret said...

such a sweet little doll which I would be delighted to wear.

Anonymous said...

Oh so sweet, lovely doll. xox

Anonymous said...

Cute doll Dianne.
Love that paint palette!Is your friend an artist (who likes red?).
Back home again. knee ok pain thanks to Endone!!
Might try and get out today!Hospitals no fun!!

Anonymous said...

Your brooch looks great. I can agree it is perfect indoor weather too. The doogie and I froze going for a walk at 8am this morning and someone up top also decided to spit on us too lol. Good thing we were rugged up in our winter woolies.

Robin Mac said...

Lovely brooch Diane, I am sure your friend will love it. Cold and horrible weather up here too so I am definitely staying indoors. cheers

Linda said...

What a cutie this one is Dian, with her little paint palette. I love your little art doll brooches, and know it will be appreciated by your friend. Weather a little on the miserable side here too.