Friday, June 15, 2012

Back to Bendigo

Today we went back to Bendigo.  He had a meeting to attend and I had the car.  

The weather was much better and I managed to take 148 photos in about 1 hour.  This collage shows some of the features of the area surrounding the Dragon Museum.

Bendigo was settled during the gold rush and many Chinese made their home here and there are many parts of Bendigo that reflect these early influences.  It is an interesting blend of the old and modern and eastern and western wherever you go.  Much of the old mine workings are also preserved and the civic buildings reflect the wealth of the area.

After taking the photos I called in at a shop I glimpsed on our way in.  Art House is a treasure trove for anyone interested in colour and creativity.  

I bought home brochures and colour charts for future reference.
 Of course I didn't leave without spending some money.  I bought some new pencils and crayons and some "dry medium" pumice to experiment with.

There were some other books and goodies that I will show you another time.

Next door to the art supply shop is an op shop - you can imagine  how delighted I was.

I found this interesting implement but have no idea what it is for.
Any answers would be welcome. 

This pretty piece of lace was too good to leave behind.

And then just as I was starting to enjoy myself it was time to buy some lunch and coffee for our drive home.

I will put some other pics of the buildings and gardens in future posts.

It really was a lovely day out: about 5 hours driving for 2 hours sightseeing but we enjoy traveling together and it means we spend most of the day together.


Anonymous said...

Dian, I love Bendigo and Ballarat. When you visit Ballarat do you get to Gail's Patchwork shop?It is crammed full of wondrous sewing goodies! A treasure trove.
Love the op shop finds.Is that tool something to do with crochet?
I dropped off a car load, and came back with one tiny box- aren't I good?!!I might go back and see if there are any shoes left?I felt a bit greedy getting all that I did.

Anonymous said...

Bendingo looks like a pretty cool place. I think the red thing is a latch hook for rug hooking where you pull the two strand through a loop on an open rug canvas and the needles might be for sewing an edge? I used to latch hook many moons ago. xox

Anonymous said...

Bendigo is a beautiful place to visit and I love the Dragon museum too. Did you go in and look at the displays of hand embroidered clothing. Magnificent pieces on display. Its only an hour from where I live and we choose Bendigo over Shepparton, which is same distance, anyday.

Linda said...

Hi Dian, pleased to hear this trip was much more pleasant. Great collage, interesting landmarks. Love the art purchases, pencils are always useful. Your op shopping was quite successful too it seems.

Now, if I'm not mistaken, the little red 'tool' is to do with a knitting machine. I had a knitting machine years ago, and tools like this were used, ie the end with the two needle eyed shafts were used to take stitches off the needles, and cross them over - meaning you used two like that, crossing two stitches over two stitches. There were ones with three shafts on as well. The end with the little latch hook was used for binding off at armhole edges, ie 'casting off'. Well, that is what it appears to me to be. Cheers.

Karyn said...

Oh Linda beat me to it. It is for a knitting machine but as I am yet to master mine, I couldn't explain how to use it LOL!
Bendigo is a lovely town and the dragon museum is great. Last time I was there they had the most amazing embroidered kimono. Your photos are lovely.

margaret said...

another very successful op shop shop Dian, I agree with Linda about a knitting machine tool, I suppose you will be on the look out for a knitting machine at the op shop now.

Love the way you make a collage of your photos, would not have a clue how to do that.

Doreen G said...

Linda is correct and I can tell you it was from a Pasap Knitting machine (I used to own one many moons ago)
I love op-shopping and you sure did score some good bargains this time.