Thursday, June 21, 2012

A little cottage garden

I bought this pretty little doiley at an op shop some time ago: unfortunately the linen centre was badly stained so I have filled it in with some silk ribbon,

french knots and beads.

It looks really pretty and I am thinking of putting it on a cushion cover.


Anonymous said...

It is pretty, make the whole piece look like one big flower, it would look great on a cushion. xox

Anonymous said...

That is so pretty Dian. Laurel

Linda said...

That really is so very pretty Dian, and will lend itself to a cushion centre piece. What a great way to hide the problem, well done to you. I certainly hadn't imagined anything like this when you told me what you were doing............ Stay warm.

Annie said...

That is so pretty. Love what you have done to it.
I'm sat here chuckling at the thought of me in a playpen at my machines to keep me safe from the twins :-)
A x

Gina E. said...

Oh you are clever - what a neat way to hide the bad bits on an otherwise beautiful doiley.
Have you figured out a date for us yet?

Anonymous said...

So beautiful and what a great idea. I think it would make the perfect embellishment for a cushion. You might be able to come across a couple more similar to this one and make a set.

margaret said...

your stitching has given it a lovely look and yes it would be great on a cushion