Saturday, June 2, 2012

more needlefelting

 I have managed to do quite a lot more work on this felted piece.

Yesterday I went to my textile group at   the art group and took my pfaff embellishing machine with me.  

It is amazing how much you can do if you devote time to it.

I added quite a lot of synthetics to the surface: this blunts the needles and eventually breaks them.  I only had 4 (of five) needles left and by the end of the session I had 2 left.
Since then I have been using the clover hand needlefelting tool to add more wool and silk.
The bottom left hand corner is built up with grey silk and then some mossy green silk on top. 

The burnt tree is built up with a lot of very fine silk fibres: a few added at a time.

I am going to frame this piece so before I go any further I will try to fine some mounting board and mat to see how it looks.  


margaret said...

Dian thank you for sharing your embellishing, you have a beautiful picture developing here, know what you mean about needles, I have the babylock embellisher and now buy needles from another source which are much stronger, they have been made for children, must be in my second childhhood, explains a lot!

Anonymous said...

I do love watching the process of each of your pieces. I really like this one too. So realistic and the colours are true bush colours. In a word, beautiful.

Linda said...

Oh, Dian, this has gone so well, really it has!! I can't help but be drawn to it, and feel the yellow gives one the feeling of looking through it to something further in the distance. It should look wonderful framed, and I do hope you find a suitable mountboard - they do make a lot of difference in the long run. Thanks heaps for the journey and inspiration. I'm still procrastinating here with my felting.