Friday, June 22, 2012

A new leaf

 Today  I made a start on my second eucalyptus leaf.  
It is needlefelted onto evelon.  This time I have mainly used silk fibres with some wool rovings.  Down the centre I have used some stranded thread with is held down by the felting.

When this one is finished I will start on the gum blossoms.  I am trying to decide on a colour.  Red always looks effective but orange or yellow would be a possibility.

Thanks for reading my blog and I always appreciate any feedback or  comments.



Anonymous said...

These leaves are gorgeous. I cant wait to see the blossom. I love yellow gum blossoms as much as the red.

margaret said...

these leaves are coming along beautifully, re the blossom both would look great, could you have some of each or would that not work

Linda said...

Both leaves look great Dian, so life like. Being a yellow freak I'd go that way, but then I'm not making it!! Can't wait to see more.