Tuesday, June 26, 2012

winter woolliea

After spending too much time sorting problems with the internet I had a pleasant visit to some op shops.  

These beautiful cascade house crewel wools were less than 20% of the retail price - such a bargain.

They are great for embroidery but also work well with felting or creating with the embellishing machine.

These yarns are wonderfully soft and beautiful to work with.  
They will go into the stash until I am inspired.


Anonymous said...

You are a very lucky lady

Suztats said...

Drooling, drooling.....anybody got a towel handy?
Lovely find. I'm drooling, and I'm green.

margaret said...

you are so lucky, it is not fair I never get bargains like you do. I plan to visit Melbourne next year if all is well and will go round all the op shops, snapping up bargains before you find them!!!
I must be honest and say today I bought 14 pieces of rubbish jewellery but they all had bits on I can use fpr CQ, have dismantled them and I am quite pleased. It was on a market stall that is closing down, cost £4.50, will go back next week as he said he will see if has has any lace etc.
Fingers crossed, and legs too.

Anonymous said...

A bargain indeed, wow, we don't have such good thrift shops here where you can find the likes of all that wool. xox

Karyn said...

Oh I am so very jealous!! You always seem to find such great barigains but I assume you put more effort into the searching than i ever do! Well done, these will come in very handy for you.

Judys Lace Creations said...

Oh my heart raced when I saw these Dianne. I've had some fun at Op Shops this week too.
I found more shoes. Mum was so pleased by her little shoes when I gave them to her this week.
I LOST my whole blog this week. I cried in frustration! I have another very poor version.I have to find all my bloglist!!Grrrrr

Linda said...

Oh Dian, I saw this post the other day, and didn't have a moment to say anything. How great that you've picked up such a bargain, good for you. They will come in handy for all sorts of things.