Tuesday, June 5, 2012

silk scarves and cleaning

Although Tuesday is usually my op shopping day, I was kept indoors most of today by the weather.

I just popped out for the supermarketing and came home again.

However I do have some pics of recent purchases.  Scarves and hankies are always useful and especially if they are silk.

The scarf in the middle pic is lovely dusty pink with autumn leaves.  It is not in good condition so I think it will be cut up.

Probably the most exciting bargain is the vacuum cleaner I bought last week.  I have been looking for a new one for months but they are so expensive.  My playroom/workroom is downstairs and seperate from the rest of the house and carrying the vac up and down the outside stairs is just a pain so I really needed a second one.  When I saw this Volta upright I was thrilled.  $29.95 and home it came.  It works a treat too.

So you see op shopping is not all frivolous - there are some real practical items to be found.  Recycling at its best.



Anonymous said...

I love buying scarves at Thrift Shop- noticed they call themselves that now!!
You have been getting the rain that passed over Adelaide. Lovely rain.It tends to go south of us, but we got some too. Not good carrying a vac up and down stairs! Glad you got a nifty small one.

Anonymous said...

Cleaning should be outlawed!!! Lovely scarf. xox

Linda said...

Your scarf purchases are lovely Dian. When I saw the post title I had a mental image of you doing your vacuuming wearing your silk scarf..........LOL.... I can understand not wanting to carry such an item up hill and down dale. My 'old' Hoover now lives out in the shed. Great shopping for such a dull day. Cheers.

Karyn said...

I heartily agree with Corinne: cleaning should be outlawed!!! But if we have to do it, it is nice that you can do it as cheaply as that.

We had some nice rain here, was still windy yesterday though, I expect down your way too.

margaret said...

another great op shop Dian, like you I have 2 vacuum cleaners, one is about to die so have bought a carpet sweeper, mini one and it is great at getting all the threads up and cost £10 new, if it lasts like the one Mum had for more years than I can remember it will be here long after I have gone!!