Sunday, May 6, 2012

Free machine stitching on lutrador

I am still working on my book covers.
It often takes me some weeks to work my thoughts out and then to apply them.

In this case I felt that the cover as I had originally made it was quite harsh to handle.  Not the sort of thing I would pick up.

How to improve it but not alter it too much?
First I took some fine sandpaper and smoothed out some of the lumps and bumps.  Of course this resulted in some of the paint being removed so it would need to be replaced in some way.  Using acrylic paints I coloured a piece of Lutrador which I laid onto the front cover of the book.  The excess paint made its way through the lutrador and onto the cover covering the bare patches.

Once it was dry I did some free machine stitching on the green section to create the look of grass.

Following a method used by Linda  I added some hand embroidery and then cut the piece out with my soldering iron.  Before attaching it to the book I added some blue and yellow french knots.  Then a little pva glue was ideal to secure the "grass".

In the left hand corner I added some  little fabric flowers which I had painted.

Using my soldering iron I cut up some of the lutrador and applied it to the lavender hill and the sky.

I  still need to attach the little "tree" and then decide if it is finished.

It feels much softer now so I am please about that.

The colours do not photograph well though.


Anonymous said...

Looks great Dian, a wonderful piece of fiber manipulation to make a lovely book cover. Adore tiny French knots. xox

Anonymous said...

I think it is looking great already and cant wait to see it finished. I love the embroidery being both machine and hand too. It adds that extra dimension.

Linda said...

Oh Dian, that has worked out really well. I like the use of the Lutradur over the existing textured painting, as it can be glued and cut, etc., without the worry of fraying. It gives the piece more dimension, just lovely. These experiments are so much fun aren't they. Cheers, and happy stitching.

margaret said...

what a delightful journal cover