Friday, May 11, 2012

Evelon eaucalyptus leaf

Today I needed something to take with me to the textile art group.  I have plenty of unfinished projects but nothing I wanted to work on away from home.

I had been sketching some leaves and so I decided that something simple would be good.  Taking some Evelon I drew a leaf shape and then outlined it with free machine stitching.  Once it was in the hoop I was able to take it with me and start adding some hand stitching.  I have not used evelon before but it does feel soft and is easy to stitch on.  This is just an experimental piece which I will put in my sketch book.

In the meantime I have more designs waiting for attention.

These will be small knot gardens.  

These are good projects for the winter evenings as they take a lot of time and concentration.

I have tried to be disciplined and use my work journal every day and I am  finding it really useful.  Things I have sketched weeks ago are still there when I have forgotten all about them.  I also make notes and add samples of things I am trying for the first time such as the use of evelon and lutrador.  


Karyn said...

A work journal sounds like a good idea; a great place to store ideas. i have book where i sketch ideas for smocked dresses etc but I like your idea of samples and notes when you use things for the first time. What a great resource to have.

Linda said...

Great sketches Dian, and hope the leaf on the Evolon is the start of much more with this really nice cloth. I'm still to use it!! I must also make time to sketch and throw around ideas, because as you say, it is a tremendous resource to use. Lovely post, thanks.

Shane Pollard said...

Hi Dian
I love the sound of your sketch book - you obviously are skilled at drawing as your knot gardens are instantly recognisable - suffice to say I have the greatest difficulty drawing a straight line!

These will be great projects for those long winter evenings we have on the way!