Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Vintage china

I did go op shopping yesterday but was too tired to write about it yesterday.  Suffice to say most of my purchases were for the little ones I mind.  I have not taken any pics  but over the last few weeks I have bought some pretty vintage china from the op shops.
The design on this little plate would make a beautiful embroidery.  The plate is from  Cornwall in the UK.

This tiny dish featuring pansies is quite old I think and is from Staffordshire in the UK.  

Again a lovely design for satin stitch.

Finally this gorgeous fan shaped dish is from Japan although I have no idea about it at all.  The stamp on the back is in Japanese.

The peacock looks so elegant.

It really is amazing that people dispose of such pretty pieces.  Surely family members or friends would appreciate such treasures.


margaret said...

certainly you found some lovely china on your travels yesterday,no excuse that you do not know what you want to stitch now, all 3 would look lovely.

Anonymous said...

You are a marvel at thrifting. It is amazing what people get rid of....nice finds. xox

Linda said...

Oh Dian, you have found some gorgeous pieces. The very first spray of blooms is delightful. I am constantly amazed at the lovely things you find, and so enjoy seeing them. Thanks for sharing these tiny treasures.

Anonymous said...

Must be some great op shops down your way. More beautiful pieces...

Gina E. said...

They are all lovely but my favourite (of course, if you know me!) is the peacock. Wish I'd seen that up here somewhere!