Saturday, November 24, 2012

Back again

Goodness this time of year is so busy.  Blogging is sometimes hard to find time for.

We have had our granddaughter Ally staying for more than a week and some extra babysitting with the twins so my days have been full: the weather has been great and as Ally loves the water we have been to the beach lots of times.

Before taking her home we went for a swim yesterday afternoon and then we both spent time taking more pics.

Ally has started her own blog and I would be thrilled if you would take the time to visit it and perhaps follow or comment.  Take a look here.

Meanwile  I have been experimenting with using the monochrome function on my camera.

The effect is really pleasing don't  you think?


margaret said...

another great collage Dianne, and see your granddaughter has got the photo bug like you. Just checked my camera but do not have a monochrome facility, lucky you to have it can see you will be coming up with lots more of inerest

Linda said...

Great collage as always Dian. Lovely to see Ally taking an interest in photography. I must check to see if I can do the monochrome thing on my camera/s..............LOL....... Take care.