Thursday, November 1, 2012

simple things

I have spent a little time altering my picture of the Just Joey Rose.  Using my photo shop options I added a speckled filter to the original pic.
 The second one is created using picasa and picnik 

I am hoping to print these on some fabric when I have some spare time.

While sorting through past projects I discovered this piece of embroidery I did some time ago.  It is the cover of a needlebook and was really simple to do.  

Onto a piece of poly cotton  
sheeting I drew the design using water colour pencils and then I coloured it in, just as you would on paper.
After washing the colours are lovely and soft and I just hand stitched through the fabric and some batting and lining to give this quite detailed effect.  I recommend this technique if you don't feel comfortable using dyes etc.  

I know some of you have seen this before but I thought it was worth revisiting it.



Corrine at said...

Love that cover to your journal book, so pretty! Noce roses, wish we could grow them! xox

margaret said...

oh yes Dianne it was certainly worth showing again, and what you have done with those roses is great, I have not learnt how to do anything with mine yet, maybe one day.

Linda said...

Watercolour pencils are a great way to add small amounts of colour, ans so easy to use, such fun. Love the photo manipulation. Have one to publish on my blog later today. Cheers, and hope the weekend will go well.

katherine said...

Just Joey would have to be one of my favourite scented roses. I haven't seen it available up here for years but I did have it when I was a teen at home in my own bit of garden. When I left home all my roses and plants were shifted in the winter into newly made beds along the fence. Dad got such a surprise when he came home for lunch that day to find an almost instant cottage garden in his front yard lol.