Friday, November 16, 2012

Fisherman's Beach

There is not much stitching being done here at present: our grand daughter is still staying with us and  we are doing lots of picture taking.

Today we went to Fisherman's Beach at Mornington: the sea was calm and there was lots to see.  As well as the usual sea plants and birds there was quite a lot of litter which is a real shame.  I really don't understand the way people disrespect their own environment.


Corrine at said...

What a lovely place to spend your time. I would want to be there relaxing in the summer too! xox

Linda said...

It's been so hot up here Dian, very frustrating. This collage is equally as inspiring as the last one. I don't understand people throwing out their rubbish either. I see rum & coke cans on the side of my lonely road too. It doesn't hurt to keep them in the car and put them in the bin when you get home, surely?
Take care.