Sunday, November 11, 2012

Milly and my garden

 This is Milly -I bought her at the recycling centre for $25.

I bought her this dress at the op shop because she had been asked to model shawls and scarves at the art show.  She did a good job of the modelling & now she is home again. 

Now that the art show is over I have time to pick up this little garden project and it will be finished soon.

I am really pleased with this.


Corrine at said...

I am so jealous, Millie's cousins here cost $200 plus which is why I don't have one.....your knot garden is really coming along....xox

margaret said...

oh yes Dian your little garden is a real treat.

katherine said...

Your knot garden is gorgeous Dian.

Linda said...

Great price on Milly, and a really cool name too BTW. Love her top, very chic!! My two old dears are starting to show their age at this point in time. Love your latest little knot garden, especially the turkey work. Cheers.