Saturday, November 3, 2012


 I am sitting on the couch and can see this view through my kitchen to the outdoors.
 The window and the views really  are  the features of this house. 
 I picked this beautiful gladioli because the wind and rain were going to destroy it.  It is such a gorgeous colour.
 I am too tired to stitch tonight: this morning was spent helping set up the textile display at the Peninsula Arts Society.  It does look good.  

Anyway a bit of fiddling with the gladioli pic on photo shop resulted in these two interesting images.

This kind of "playing"  is very relaxing. 


Radka said...

Fantastic view!

margaret said...

it is hard to believe that your gladoli was the start of your play, I have corel draw student version but cannot understand hot to use it.
I can understand why you sit where you sit with a view like that.

Corrine at said...

Nice kitchen, een nicer views! xox

Linda said...

What a lovely view Dian, and such a gorgeous kitchen!! I still have a soft spot for Glads, a la The Dame!! Like your photo play, as you well know. Take care.