Sunday, November 25, 2012

Stitching at last

 I have finished my parterre garden at last.

It is pinned to a corkboard to damp stretch it. 
 The colours and textures have turned out really well and now I have to decide whether I should frame it or put it on the top of a box or the front of a journal.

Of course putting it in a frame would look good and I have just the right little frame but one of the great things about these little gardens is that they are very tactile.
 A box top would look great but I am not sure how many boxes I might need.

the front of a journal cover would display it well but would take a bit of wear and tear.

 I would appreciate your thoughts on this.

Now I have to start on something new.


Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Oh Dian
What a work of art you've completed - I can imagine how satisfied you'll be feeling!!!!
With all that wonderful surface stitching, I would have to frame it, I wouldn't want to lose any of it.
The colours are gorgeous.
What an achievement - well done you!!!
Shane ♥

margaret said...

what a great piece of stitching, I agree it would be a shame to frame it as it is so tactile, a box I feel would show it off to it`s best, will wait to see what you decide to do but you must not just put it away in a drawer, it is far to lovely to hide it away

Radka said...

It is beautiful, Dian! I would put it in a frame without a glass, so you can still touch it :-)

Linda said...

Each new garden seems better than the last Dian. I'd love to say frame it, but then it's not going to be seen so much. You know how I love book covers........... Take care in this heat!!