Monday, November 5, 2012

in the kitchen

 What a difference a day makes:  In this pic you can see there is a wooden structure outside our kitchen window.

Today the structure is gone.  My arms and legs are sore but it looks fabulous.  Hubby is away till later tonight and our neighbour insisted on coming over to help: he informed me that being over 50 (and then some) I was at a high risk of falling from the ladder.  I graciously accepted his help.

The postman brought me a parcel in the post.  I won this lovely box of Twinings Tea in a competition through Nuffnang and Retro Mummy's Blog.

I do feel very lucky.

The display at the Arts Society is going really well: although we are not selling our items we are receiving fabulous feedback.  It is encouraging to know that others appreciate the things we make.



Juliettecherry said...

Climbing up a ladder? No no, just too risky. Glad your kind neighbour came to help. It looks much lighter. Pleased the art show is going well.

Linda said...

I too am pleased to hear you had a bit of help. Isn't it marvellous how much more light seems to come into the kitchen. Lucky you winning such a prize, and so beautifully packaged. Glad to hear about your art gallery info, more encouragement for the future. Cheers.