Sunday, November 4, 2012

fabric making

I am making some special fabric for a book cover.

For the base of have used vilene and have fused part of a lace mat which I had dyed some time ago.
 Next I have put some bits and pices of lace on top.  At this stage just to see how it looks.  I will use mistyfuse to attach this layer.  It is very light but holds on well.

After that I will add some foiling or paint or glitter or...... 

I am just not sure  what yet. 



margaret said...

this looks very interesting, look forward to seeing it progress.

Corrine at said...

Good start, I am sure the next step will come to you as you work on it. xox

Linda said...

Should make some interesting textured pieces with those lovely laces Dian. More journals waiting in the wings for us no doubt...LOL.