Wednesday, May 19, 2010

flora & fauna in our garden

Well, my grevillea is progressing well.  I am finding this project, which I have set for myself, to be really challenging.  The grevillea is a very hard flower to express in stitch.  I have done one in silk ribbon too but I have no idea where it is now.

This time I am using a variety of threads and stem stitch, split back stitch, satin stitch, couching and french knots and am reasonably happy with it so far but I can feel a little paint or even hapazome coming on.  It needs something to bulk it out a bit.  

Incidentally the two flowers I posted on the previous blog are grevillea coconut ice and grevillea ned kelly (I think, the birds have made off with the label).

Talking of the birds, here are some of the lorikeets that often visit the garden.  We feed them occasionally as they are so beautiful.  They feed on the native flowers as well so there is plenty to attract them to our garden.

We also have possums visiting us in the evenings: they are nocturnal creatures and if we don't bring the bird seed in they eat it all.  I had to distract this one with an apple last night in order to be able to bring the seed in


JulietteCherry said...

How colourful those lorikeets are - and the possum, just cute. I'd love to see one, to they bite, or can't you get near enough?

Linda said...

Dian, great photos again today. The grevillea embroidery is lovely, and taking the shot with the threads surrounding the work seems to do something for it.

I love the lorikeets. You are fortunate to have them visit so often and so close, not to mention your numerous encounters with possums. You seem to see them more than we do. Lorikeets are the craziest colour, almost unbelieveable really.