Monday, May 17, 2010


When I went through my ufos looking for something simple to work on while visiting friends, I came across the beginnings of a grevillia on silk.  It really had me stumped for a while but now I see it with new eyes and fresh enthusiasm.  It is far from finished but I will post a pic of it so far and also some pics of grevilleas from my garden.  They really are a most fascinating flower. 


Radka said...

What a beautiful flower, I have never seen it before. I look forward to seeing the finnished embroidery (and more pictures from your garden).

Elspeth said...

Dian, lovely Grevillea. Are you working the embroidery in silk ribbon?? They are curious subjects for embroidery, but well worth the effort. Of course, the native birds just love them, so I suppose if you've got them growing in your garden you will see heaps of different species enjoying the nectar. Great photos again.