Monday, May 24, 2010

galahs & grevilleas

I have had a busy few days with the family but still found time to stitch.

The embroidery of the grevillea is done but I am not sure what I will make from it.

It turned out better than I had hoped: the grevillea is particularly hard to capture in thread.  There are many varieties, some with small toothbrush like flowers and others with spidery blooms.  Colours vary from reds, yellows, pinks to creamy shades.  The foliage is just as varied: some with fernlike leaves and others with prickly needles. The nectar attracts the native birds as well as the bees to the garden.

During the weekend two of my grandsons stayed over on Saturday night  and then on Sunday morning the older one, Michael, went to the golf driving range with Mike (my husband) and Matthew and I looked for birds in the garden so he could fill in his bird observation log book.  We were lucky enough to see lots of lorikeets of course and magpies.  We were writing up the log when a couple of galahs landed on the verandah rail.  They are much more timid than the lorikeets but we managed to take some pics. 

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Linda said...

The embroidery certainly came up well. The threads you've used are fantastic, and really look natural.

Great shot of the galah.