Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Today has been really strange.  Warm and windy this morning and now cold and raining with thunder and lightening.  Well that's Melbourne I guess.  

I went to a sale today at place that makes knitwear out of merino wool and possum fur.  Gorgeous warm jumpers and scarves and gloves and berets.  Yes I shopped.  Once winter sets in here it is very cold so I needed some new woolies.

I have taken a photo of some of the tyvek fairies I made some time ago.  The tyvek was painted with lumiere paints and then heated with the heat gun.  The faces are made of air dried clay and painted with lumiere metallic paints.  The hair is silk tops or wool fleece. 

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Elspeth said...

These are really cute Dian. So, you've made the faces as well. How cool. Are these for stand alone articles, or do you plan to have them for decorations on other projects?? I love all the colours too.