Saturday, May 29, 2010


It is saturday evening already and May is almost done.  It is cold here: about 14 degrees I think and we had lots of rain last night.  It was a good day for gardening and I planted a grevillea Robin Gordon in the front garden, also 2 Correa Dusky Bells and 1 Correa Alba.  These plants grow particularly well here and attract the native birds.  I  can see this garden from my bedroom window so I am taking extra care with it.
Last night I constructed my May needlebook using the fabric I coloured with water colour pencils.  I was really happy with this piece.  The design was easy to draw and colour and the stitching just did itself: well I did it but there were no set rules so it was very relaxing to do.   

 I had a lovely piece of aqua wool to do the inside and it matches perfectly.  I just have to decide on how it should be fastened.  Should I just use a pretty ribbon or would a magnetic catch make more sense?  Any ideas are welcome.

After that was done to my satisfaction, and inspected by my dear husband I decided to make a start on another challenge.

On the Three Creative Studios Forum we are given a "cue" every week to inspire us to do something creative.  Sometimes it is a photo or a drawing or just some musings.  This week's word "SPEAK" really had me stumped.  I was watching TV and thought I would just take a piece of calico and put it in a hoop and with a needle and some silk thread and see if it would SPEAK to me.  The pic above is the result.  Over the next few weeks I will work on this piece and share the journey of discovering what it will reveal to me.


Jensters said...

Loving the look of your needlecase....are watercolour pencils easy to use and what material can you use them on.....i really like the idea of creating something from a clue, cant wait to see cant wait to its journey.

Sue Bleiweiss said...

Dian your needlebook is just lovely!

Linda said...

Dian, I love your painted/coloured needlecase. It's so soft and flowing. I've toyed with the magnetic discs too for closing, so obviously would 'advise' you that way. I think having the magnetic closure eliminates that fussy tie situation.......
Well, your 'speak' cue piece looks like it has definite possibilities, and I'm looking forward to seeing what else it has to say to you.....he, he, he, and how very clever of you to come up with this. You are always creating something new and exciting with textiles. Lovely to watch.