Monday, March 19, 2012

balancing the elements

I was up and about before 5 am this morning so I spent some time fiddling around with this collage.

 These dried flowers looked pretty on hand made paper.

This fairly chunky silk paper with some gold chain, mistyfuse and metallic frame might be a bit heavy.

I like the effect of this for its quirkiness.

Another try with the silk paper.  Still not right.

I'll mess about with this again tomorrow.

Any comments and suggestions would be most welcome.


Anonymous said...

it was fun to watch you move that frame around, it could fit in all the places you put it. Nice bright yellow, ya! xox

Anonymous said...

Love it Dianne! Laurel

Anonymous said...

Love it Dianne! Laurel

Linda said...

All the views look good to me Dian. I love the fabric at the top left [the second piece]. I also love that little square etched metal frame, it's a beauty. Of course, you know I love the yellow...LOL... You were up early. We've got an early one in the morning. Take care.

Linda Stokes said...

You have some lovely elements here & I like the yellow too. Maybe you could try to integrate the different sections a little more or perhaps there are a couple of pieces here rather than using everything in the 1 collage.
Keep going - look forward to seeing how it works out.