Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Play Time

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The days all seem to be busy here at present.  I am making some progress with the laundry.  The machine will be fixed in a day or two and by then the floor will be repaired (I hope).  I have painted the walls: some paint I already had in the shed which was great.

In the meantime my dear granddaughter has come to stay for a while.  She is recovering from a nasty bout of shingles: horrible for a young teenager.  We have her school books and computer here as she cannot afford to miss too much school.  (year 9)  The school emails her work and she can submit the finished work by return email.  This is one of the benefits of modern technology.  Hopefully she will be able to go back to school next week.  

 I am thrilled to have her here with me as she is always good company even when she is unwell.  Her interest in design and all things creative mean we have plenty in common.

She still enjoys simple things and tonight is playing with playdough. The pictures above are some of her creations.   I think tomorrow she will do some fingerpainting with the twins.  Truth be told I also enjoy these simple activities too.  

Hopefully I will do some stitching sometime soon.


Anonymous said...

Playdough is for everyone, love this, hope she is all totally well now. Nasty stuff shingles. xox Corrine

Linda said...

Looks and sounds like fun Dian. I do hope she is completely well soon. It has been a long time, and must be very infuriating for her. I also hope you are both having a great day with the little girls. Take care.

Jan said...

I was guessing what the photos showed and I thought it was some kind of felt work. Hand made with real wool, felt balls and batt.

Hope your GD is rapidly feeling better. How nice that she can come and recuperate with you, she sounds like good company.