Tuesday, March 20, 2012

bargain table

Feed time with the twins is becoming a bit of a challenge.  They are 18 months old now and they should be able to feed themselves but it can be pretty messy.

They sit in their little wooden high chairs (I bought the two from a restaurant closing sale.  2 for $14) and I use a a stool with a wooden top for a table (another bargain in a lot bought at auction).

This arrangement has worked well so far but now the two little girls delight in pushing their food off the table and onto the floor.  They pick up their bowls and spill the contents onto the table: 3 meals a day x 3 days every week.  Messy.

This situation has had me bothered for a couple of weeks.  I don't want to buy anything else: no room and I don't want to spend the money.

The little top of the stool (table top) is too small and slightly concave.  It is attached to the stool with two small screws so can be removed easily enough - but then what to use as a replacement top?  

A search of the workroom revealed a craftwood tray that I have had for years.  This will be perfect I think.  

A scrounge around in the shed resulted in suitable screws to fasten the tray to the frame of the stool - they are not the same but they work.  I just had to drill a couple of holes and paint (paint from the op shop) the tray and voila!

This is going to work so well and will be good for finger painting, drawing etc as well.

Although I didn't use it in this project I just had to show you my latest toy (I mean tool) it is a battery operated reciprocating saw.  Quite small and very useful.  I can have this after all my clever shopping at the op shops and online auction sites.


Radka said...

Oh, small children, aren't they joy!?? LOL

Anonymous said...

Might have to get one of those saws for my dad LOL. He still threatens to change the locks on the shed. But at least I always ask before raiding it LOL. I used to put down a largish plastic mat before feeding my girls at that age to save washing the floors several times a day! I just used to take it out and peg it on the line and hose it off. It was that clear thickish plastic. Mitre 10 has it here for about $9 a metre

Anonymous said...

I think the tray idea is brilliant Dian. You could do as that lady said with the mat-take outside to wipe or hose down.
you're a good woman to babysit for these young-uns.
I love finding things and putting them to good use with the odd screw here, and nail there!

Linda Stokes said...

A creative solution to the problem - using the materials available to you.
Sounds like you have a full life with those 2! You're doing well to get your creative work happening too.
Many thanks for your comments on my blog.

Linda said...

You are always so resourceful Dian, and these little ladies are keeping you very busy. I think your tools are great. Cheers.