Sunday, March 25, 2012

wooden boxes and blocks

 I recently bought these wooden boxes and blocks in an online sale.  They were in a closing down sale and I paid the princely sum of $12 in total.  If I add up the price tags on them the total comes to about $300.  Have to be happy with that!!!
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Wolfie said...

Hi Dian,
I wanted to say I love your amazing just a bit jealous:
I also wanted to say that I have given you award:) You can check it out on my blog - if you want to:)

Hugs, Ylva

Corrine said...

Wow, what a bargain and the carving are so cool. xox Corrine

Linda said...

Great buy Dian, congratulations. All the blocks look interesting, and I'm sure you'll find a way to use those 'shapes' creatively. Have a lovely week, and hope it is actually Autumn down there..........LOL..

Anonymous said...

These boxes and locks are lovely and "earthy".Any plans for them?