Sunday, March 11, 2012

Choosing paint colours

 I have been wondering how other people decide on the colour of their homes.  We have painted each of our two previous houses in very different ways.

The first home we bought was built in 1929 so we chose colours that were popular then.  In fact we scraped back the various layers until we discovered the original colours: cream & dark green.  It looked just right when it was finished.

The next house was a sandy coloured brick and the house lacked something until we changed the trim to lovely shades of blue.  The terracotta tiles on the roof finished it off beautifully.  When the echium were in bloom it was a picture.

I have always disliked the colour (milk chocolate & mint green)  of the home we live in now but it is such an important decision - choosing the right colours - that we have only just started painting the outside.

We have chosen a dulux colour, Oyster Linen, for the weather boards.  The window frames will be charcoal grey (I haven't settled on the exact colour yet).  The verandah floor will be red, with a suggestion of brown: again I have to settle on the exact colour.

We chose these colours because the soft, light coloured weatherboards  look clean and crisp, the grey and the red are colours that we see in our garden and the birds that visit us.

I would be interested to know how others choose the colours and whether they enjoy doing the painting.  It is one of my favourite things to do.  Of course while I am painting there is not much time for stitching. 


Anonymous said...

Sounds like lovely choice, you will have to share the process. I always pick what feels right in my gut. xox Corrine

Jensters said...

The colour is wonderful Dianne...a good choice me x

Anonymous said...

Know all about the lack of time for anything else while painting! LOL. Love your colours Dianne. I have primed all the new base boards which face the street and preped the walls and primed the areas ready for this morning to start the top coats before it gets too hot. I suppose it is only half the house but that and work will keep me very busy for the next few weeks. My only worry is the height! Had a painter come through and do the top 4 weather boards and anything above but it still looks extremely high when you are a metre off the ground before the house even starts LOL. I've stuck with my original colour of 3/4 strength clotted cream (Dulux) for the walls and double strength for the picket fence and window trims and a soft green called french grey for the dog boards, gutters and verandah detailing. I chose these colours about 12 years ago because the house used to be white walls and purple/mauve trims, boards etc. Totally revolting and horrid paint used too as the prep work was horendous. Start with the best and it really lasts well. Haymes premium is going on this time round as Dulux exterior is not the same as it was 12 years ago. Insider painter information there LOL but I knoticed my father using Haymes abet the cheaper version last summer to repaint the backwall. I'd be careful what you choose to use on the decking as paint can be a nightmare for wear and tear.

Anonymous said...

I like the sound of your colour choices Dianne. I am sure it will look lovely. Laurel

Radka said...

I think the colours you have chosen will look really smart :)

Linda said...

The colours you have chosen sound really lovely Dian, clean and to the point, in my opinion. You know how much I hate the colour of my house, so I would choose anything but pink..........LOL....... In all honesty, I like cream in all it's guises. I totally dislike the prep work and clean up, but like the actual painting. Good luck with it, a big job indeed. Take care on that ladder!!