Friday, July 27, 2012

birds, leaves and stiches

Well, it is Friday already: a rainy cold day here.

I sometimes think if we didn't have these days the housework would never be done.

Mind you I could be easily talked into stitching or photo editing or doing nothing too.

 I am making progress on my knot garden, the corner "beds" are done and the lavender is settling into the central plot.

The hedges are the hardest to do and so I do a little each day and hopefully they will be done by the time all the beds are completed.

 This kookaburra was one of two that visited our neighbourhood yesterday.  It is unusual to hear them during daylight hours: they make the most noise at dusk and dawn.  It is such a happy sound.  You can see from the colouring that they are almost invisible when high up in the trees.


Anonymous said...

Hot humid and sticky here today....didn't feel like doing much of anything. the knot garden is coming along nicely. Not too much housework I hope! xox

Linda said...

Sorry to hear the weather outside is nasty. It's sunny here, but a cold wind blowing. Love your knot garden, progressing very well indeed. There are some lovely soft colours in your leaf. And, of course, can't help but love your kookaburra. We have finally managed to have two or three make a home not far from the houses, and hear them calling quite a bit. Stay warm.