Saturday, July 28, 2012

still working through the stash

 I am making progress with sorting through my stash.  More files have been covered and I am surprised at how much better they look up there on the shelf.  Next to be covered are the boxes that hold my overlocker threads and works in progress.
 Some weeks ago I called in at a garage sale on  my way home from the post office and picked up two cartons of assorted fabric pieces for $2 each box.  Most of the fabric was cut into squares for quilts but there were other odd pieces as well.  I thought they would be just perfect to make some dish cloths and tray mats.  Using fabric up for practical purposes is proving extremely satisfying.

Meantime I am participating in a challenge which I will find links to when I have time.

It is a 40 day creativity challenge and I am calling this piece "Not Thinking".

As I make progress I will show you what is evolving with this one.


Suztats said...

Your stash is looking very neat and tidy.

Judys Lace Creations said...

Yes those covered folders look great.

Anonymous said...

Nice organization here and I am loving your not thinking piece. It's fun to do a mini amount each day and just keep going. xox

Linda said...

What a difference!! Those file covers are really lovely. I think your recycling ideas are always tops Dian.........and your 'not thinking' looks pretty cool, will watch with interest. Stay warm.