Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tuesday treasures

 There is nothing like a couple of hours op shopping to brighten up a bad day.

I had to buy these little shoes.  (Yes Judy I did)

Metallic wrapping paper and tags are always useful items to have in the stash and I was thrilled to pick these up at a great price.

This fabric is not something I needed or even something I can imagine using.  It is simply something I just had to have.

I am not an extravagant person and most things I buy need to have a purpose but this fabric is just gorgeous. Heavy satin silk with gold beading - I wonder how I can use it.  Let me know if you can suggest something.

Finally I picked up some lovely scarves to brighten up the wardrobe.

This lovely blue and purple wrap features paisley and sequins - very 70s.

The dusty pink is very fine silk with a pretty fringe.

The animal print is very trendy at present so I will make good use of that.




Judys Lace Creations said...

Wow Dianne- some great finds here!
LOVE that fabric.I've been buying lots lately.I've been making fabric collage pieces for all sorts of up-coming projects.Just a reminder - my blog has chnged addresses.Would you mind changing it on your bloglist?
it's now http://jfabrications.blogspot.com/
My blog just vanished!! I'm over it now.

Gina E. said...

You did well! Was that at the RSPCA? You went without me?? LOL, just kidding! Looking forward to meeting up with you there soon;-)

Linda said...

You are becoming the queen of shopping bargains Dian!! Everything is lovely. I can see why you love that fabric, it's beautiful, as are the scarves. Talk soon.

margaret said...

what a good shop Dian, the shoes are something special are they for wearing or just because you loved them, like you I love scarves, usually when I have a coat on I will have one around my neck.